About Reitaku

Vast Campus of 420,000 sq.m

The natural beauty of our campus, along with its ample resources and facilities, offer students a wonderfully unique learning experience.

02 “Kaede”

Completed in May, 1992, the Kaede building accommodates computer rooms with the latest equipment, a lecture hall with a capacity of up to 400 students, and other classrooms.
Site area: 10,144.84 sq.m

03 “Asunaro”

Completed in December, 2010, the Asunaro building has as its concept “a campus living in woods”. There are many classrooms, the International-Lounge, and the Cafe-Lounge.
Site area: 5,975.88 sq.m

04 Reitaku Student Plaza, “Hanamizuki”

Completed in March, 2012, this is a facility complex which accommodates a multipurpose lounge, cafe restaurant, convenience store, and book shop. It opens onto a wide surrounding area, and it has become a center for exchange with the local community.
Site area: 758.73 sq.m

05 Lifelong Education Plaza

Completed in February, 2006, this is a facility complex which accommodates C. Hiroike School of Graduate Studies, the Information System Center, and Reitaku Open College in Kashiwa (ROCK). It is a building designed to encourage educational activity, research activity, and social service, meeting the needs for lifelong learning in the coming years.
Site area: 6,243.26 sq.m

06 Library

Our library currently houses some 484,000 books, including many valuable foreign-language books, 4,000 journal titles, and 4,200 audiovisual materials such as videos and DVDs. There is a computer room on the third floor. Also on the third floor are audiovisual rooms where, for example, students can watch movies alone or in groups.

[Opening times]

9:00 am - 9:30 pm (Monday - Friday),
9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Saturday)

■Computer Room:
9:00 am - 9:00 pm (Monday - Friday)
Reitaku University Library HP Site area: 6,228.15m2

09 Dining on campus “Hiiragi

The campus cafeteria opened in January, 1996. It accommodates over 750 students, providing a spacious and relaxing dining area.
Site area: 1,888.95 sq.m

14 Hiroike-Chikuro Memorial Hall and Memorial Lecture Hall

Inside Hiroike-Chikuro Memorial Hall you can learn the history and achievements of the founder of the school, Hiroike Chikuro. Also, his works and mementos are displayed. The Memorial Lecture Hall can house about 430 people and is used for various purposes such as lecture meetings and conferences.
Site area: 3,581.00 sq.m

17 Reitaku Campus Plaza

This building accommodates meeting rooms, the restaurant “Manryo”, and lodging facilities, and is used for in-service training, meetings, and holding parties. It is also open to the public.
Site area: 5,445.00 sq.m

22 Golf Course

There is an excellent 9-hole par-3 golf course on campus that is used for club activities and Reitaku Open College classes.
Site area: 60,969.00 sq.m

23 Gymnasium 1

This is a very large sports hall with three basketball courts, a training room, and shower rooms.
Site area: 3,378.15 sq.m

Tokyo Research Center

Established in May, 1995, the Center is located on the 4th floor of Shinjuku i-Land Tower in West Shinjuku. Because of its easy accessibility and availability, this facility serves as a hub for conferences or other projects of the academic societies that our faculty members belong to. It is also utilized as a meeting hall for a variety of events held by corporations.
Site area: 268.30 sq.m

Tanigawa Seminar House

Located in the Tanigawa Onsen area, Gunma, this facility is utilized for a variety of events such as off-campus activities and in-service training. The Tanigawa Seminar House was established in 1937 by the school founder in the hope that all people might be protected or recuperate from physical ailments.
Site area: 5,445.00 sq.m