About Reitaku

Our purpose is to nurture in our students the attributes of individual character
in which virtue is harmonized with expert knowledge, and so provide the human
resources needed to build a sustainable society.

In the unceasing pursuit of “learning of an international academic standard”, we have, since the foundation of our graduate school, attracted growing academic recognition, produced researchers whose worth is widely acknowledged by society, and accumulated valuable scholarly findings. The result of the notice attracted by these developments in a variety of fields is that we enjoy today the attention of foreign academic institutions, and pursue collaborative endeavors with them both in education and research.

Yet it is not our mission to concentrate on research expertise to the exclusion of all else. From its foundation, Reitaku University has aimed at the nurturing of highly cultured individuals who will work for the public benefit. The international perspectives and the “integration of knowledge and virtue” that we seek to engender in those we teach derive from the philosophy of our university’s founder, Dr. Chikuro Hiroike. He believed that it was vital for us to aid the growth of those seeking to equip themselves with both a virtuous character and expert knowledge, before sending them out into the world to put their ideas in practice. As the diversity of social activities accelerates in a globalized age, we strive to meet the various needs of modern society and the world while remaining true to our institution’s founding spirit.

No era has been in greater need than our own of the ethical and moral integrity that is indispensible if we are to overcome the various problems, both domestic and international, that bar our path to a peaceful society where various people can lead happy lives. The world of advanced research can sometimes limit itself to the self-satisfied pursuit of fragmented specialisms, so we consider it a vital duty to imbue such research with the moral and ethical perspectives that invest it with moral value also. By engaging in the “reconstruction of the morality of knowledge” in this way, we will continue to develop moral integrity in the course of our learning, and a special focus on “moral capital” will aid us in bringing to pass an economy and society where humanity and the common good are properly respected.

In addition to our focus on research, we clearly recognize the imperative to cope with the changes in the role that graduate schools are now expected to play. The advent of a maturing society in the twenty-first century means that there are a growing number of people who expect career enhancement, spiritual richness, and so on, from such schools. So we have also created lifelong learning programs for working adults, which today attract an annual enrolment of more than 4,000.

Looking to the future, we may anticipate a considerable increase in the demand for lifelong education at higher levels, and in the number of working adult researchers. In addition, the size of the international student population seems set to increase in our globalized, borderless age. We commit ourselves to coping effectively with all the various needs that will come our way in the years ahead.

We are fortunate in possessing a recently constructed school building with state-of-the-art facilities, the Reitaku University Plaza for Lifelong Education, that sustains the educational and academic activities outlined above. It is a perfect safeguard against all the temptations to thoughtlessness posed by the modern world, having been created so as to exist in complete harmony with the abundant natural environment that surrounds it. Students have access to it 24 hours a day, every day of the year (holidays included). To such a pleasant academic environment, with educational and research systems that enable teachers and students to learn together, we welcome you in the sincere hope that you will deepen your knowledge and reap academic profit in ways that will contribute to the advancement of global learning.