What is the Global Dormitory?

General Information

Our educational philosophy is to fully equip our students with both professional and global literacy (the ability to communicate and exploit their knowledge in the international community) and a high sense of civil responsibility and ethics, thereby allowing them to become people who are sought after in society. In this environment, we sincerely hope our students will attain the virtues that will inspire others to trust them, stressing the importance of the spirit of Shitei-dougaku (a way of thinking in which teachers and students learn together and from each other). The Global Dormitory, we believe, will also play an important role in such an endeavor.

Moreover, one big difference between the dormitory of the earlier times and that of the present is that in the latter the majority of the boarders are international students, which affords more human interactions across borders. Therefore, we would like to define our new dormitory as an international dormitory of “learning”; in other words, a place where each individual student cultivates in themselves a sense of internationalism and enriches their sense of humanity.

Therefore, remaining true to the central tenets of our educational philosophy and to our rich history and tradition, the new dormitory is named the “Global Dormitory” with the concept of the formation of a "Global Learning Community." In contrast to living in an apartment, our Global Dormitory offers five kinds of valuable “encounters”: (1) encounter with other students of different ages; (2) encounter with communal living; (3) encounter with different cultures; (4) encounter with self; and (5) encounter with the predecessors, alumni and traditions of the dormitory. With these precious encounters as a pivot, and in this naturally beautiful environment with such modern facilities, we hope that you will acquire the human qualities and adaptability so necessary for success in this age of globalization.

Dormitory Fee *as of January 2018
Costs: men’s dormitory (C・D block 1F-2F) women’s dormitory (A・B・D block 3F-5F)

Expense item Block Amount Deadline of the delivery
At the time of entrance to the dorm The cost of first semester The cost of second semester
Entrance fee A・B・C・D 50,000円 50,000円    
Dormitory fee A・B・C 470,000円   235,000円 235,000円
D 400,000円 200,000円 200,000円
Common service charge A・B・C・D 36,000円 18,000円 18,000円
Total A・B・C 556,000円 50,000円 253,000円 253,000円
D 486,000円 218,000円 218,000円

*Meal expenses and lease fee for bedclothes are not included in above “Dormitory Fee”.
(Annual amount: ¥22,000)
*In the case of situation that the dorm capacity is exceeded, applicants who want to enter a dorm will be screened.


Reitaku University, Student Support Group, Dormitory Section
TEL: 81-4-7173-3201/3202

Graduate Life

Lifelong Education Plaza

Here at Chikuro Hiroike School of Graduate Studies, we provide students with the latest equipment and a relaxing environment where they study alongside their peers. Our teachers give constant encouragement, and other staff members provide whole-hearted support in every aspect of student life.

Student Research Room

A place where students develop their own research

Students are assigned their own desks and lockers. This space creates such a favorable environment that some students even say that it is like having their own office. Here, students exchange information and opinions about thesis writing or their research topics so that they can develop their own research from different perspectives.

Administration Office

A bridge between students and the graduate school

The Administration Office is where staff members support students’ research life in various situations such as registration and other formal procedures. They also take a personal interest in the students, giving them constant encouragement.

Plaza Hall

A stage on which students present their research results

The Plaza Hall is primarily used for oral presentations of research or progress reports. By getting through such trial stages, budding researchers will further develop their potential.

Visitors’ Space “Foyer”

Quiet and relaxing place

Inside the Lifelong Education Plaza is a space with vending machines where students can relax and take a break from their research.

Lifelong Education Plaza

Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round, including holidays, safe and comfortable

The Lifelong Education Plaza is designed to encourage research activities and so is accessible 24 hours on weekdays and holidays alike. Our campus security system guarantees a completely safe and secure environment.

Health and Wellness Services

Health Care

When you are ill

The Reitaku University Health Support Center is available for all students. When you are ill, please do not hesitate to contact the Health Support Center. If you have language difficulties, the staff of the International Exchange Center will provide an interpreter.

Health Examination

Every year, the Health Support Center conducts a health checkup for graduate and undergraduate students, and students of the Japanese Language Course according to the law in Japan. All students must take it. We cannot issue the health certificate if you do not take the health checkup. The health certificate is required when you go to universities, get a job or participate in a study-abroad program and so on.

Health Certificate (required when applying for a job)

The health certificate, which you need when applying for a job, can be issued by the automatic machine. If you have any inquiry, feel free to go to the Health Support Center.

Medical Certificate

If you need a medical certificate of the health checkup, please apply to the Health Support Center.
Seven days are necessary to issue the certificate.

Certificate in Japanese - 500yen
Certificate in English - 700yen

If additional checkups are necessary according to the certificate, extra fees will be charged.

When you enter a hospital

When you enter a hospital, please contact the International Exchange Center (phone 81-4-7173-3690) or the Health Support Center (phone 81-4-7173-3541).

National Health Insurance

International students are required to join the National Health Insurance Scheme, which covers 70% of expenses.

How to Use the Health Support Center

[Office Hours]
Mon. - Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. , 1:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
[Hours when the doctor is available]
Mon. : 2:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Wed. and Thu. : 9:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
Fri. : 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


You can go at any time during the days and hours outlined above, but if you wish to avoid waiting for a long time, we recommend that you call the center before visiting and ask them if there are many patients.

Student Counseling Center

Student Counseling Center (Gakusei-Sodan Center)

Reitaku students and their families can visit the Student Counseling Center and talk with the counselors. The counselors will listen to any and every problem. Apart from counseling, lunch meetings, group seminars, and other events are held. Visits can also be made just for relaxation purposes.


5 qualified counselors (clinical psychologist etc) and a psychiatrist attend to the students needs and offer advice. Counselors always respect student privacy and any consultation is totally confidential, unless the student specifically allows information to be shared. A student also has the right to remain anonymous. The only exception to such confidentiality is when the counselor deems the student to be a serious danger either to him/herself, or to others, or when some kind of illegal activity is uncovered. Counselors can communicate face-to-face, by phone, or by mail. Reservations can be made at the center, by telephone or by e-mail. Counseling can also be had without reservation.

N.B. Counseling can be provided in English, or in other languages with the help of Reitaku staff if interpreting is required.

Other Services

Rest Station for Relaxation: You can take a rest in the Student Counseling Center. There are some MANGA (Japanese comic books) recommended by the counselors.

Luncheons: Lunch meetings are held during term time with the counselors from 12:10 pm to 1:00 pm on every Monday and Thursday.

Group Seminars: Seminars are held on communication skills, stress management, relaxation, self-understanding, and so on.

Psychological Tests: Psychological tests are available to know your communication tendencies or personality.

Book Rental: Books can be borrowed (except MANGA) from the Student Counseling Center.

Counseling for Family Members and Guarantors: Counselors are willing to talk with family members or guarantors of students about their student life.

OFFICE HOURS: from 9:00 to 17:30 on weekdays (Mon. to Fri.)
LOCATION: 1st floor of ASUNARO
TEL: 81-4-7173-3653
URL: (Japanese only)