Economics & Business

Learning problem-solving oriented, powerful managerial sophistication and skills

Now that the globalization of economy and economic activity are accelerating ever more rapidly, there is growing significance in learning economics equipped with humanity, cultural views and morality such that enables one to properly control the principles of competitions.
Program in Economics bring up researchers as well as practical experts who conduct leading researches from global perspectives.


Cultivating expertise to perform managerial affairs in public organizations,
corporations and NPOs

Students are trained to be practical experts who can solve complex problems from an international perspective in such public organizations as the governmental office and municipal offices, domestic and foreign corporation or NPOs. We aim to nurture such high managerial abilities.

Focusing on interdisciplinary-, problem-, policy-orientedness
that the present society calls for

In order to solve diverse problems in present society that is complex and constantly changing, three elements come to assume importance: interdisciplinary-oriented ? linking multiple expertise, problem-oriented ? identifying the problems to be solved and policy-oriented ? solving them with concrete measures.

Meeting the needs for recurrent education of working adults with
high awareness of world issues

We cordially extend warm welcome to everyone who has high awareness of world issues, regardless of their career, age, or nationality, be it a businessperson who is thinking of learning a high degree of expertise, having come across real-world problems in practical fields, or someone with experience in business administration who is thinking of beginning a new phase in their life.

Becoming a researcher who can conduct leading researches from international perspective

Researchers are expected to constantly publish their research findings on the international stage and thus achieve appreciative results. The Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration provides a research environment to meet such societal needs, giving students instructions in affiliation with Reitaku Institute of Political Economics and Social Studies and Business Ethics and Compliance Research Center.