Economics & Business

Quest for principles of economic activity that are in harmony with humanity and morality

Now that the globalization of economy and economic activity are accelerating ever more rapidly, there is growing significance in learning economics equipped with humanity, cultural views and morality such that enables one to properly control the principles of competitions.
Program in Economics bring up researchers as well as practical experts who conduct leading researches from global perspectives.


Research contents compatible with the globalization of economic policies

In the Program in Economics, students theoretically and statistically analyze dynamic structural changes resulted from globalization, such as factors of production and the transfer of goods across borders. Also, their research contents reflect various current international affairs including the globalization of finances and accounts necessary for corporal activities particularly by multinational corporations.

Stressing the importance of humanity and regional cultures in economy

In current economic and business administrative activities, it is crucial to assume an attitude to stress the importance of humanity and regional cultures of economic agents or in the sphere of activity, as well as expansion of scale and pursuit of profits. Our educational ideal “the unity of knowledge and high sense of morality” is also much emphasized in the Graduate School education.

Becoming a researcher who can conduct leading researches from international perspective

We aim to train students to be research who can conduct leading researches from international perspective and thus to enable them to develop into the Doctoral Program, to accomplish the advancement of their academic research and to be competent researche that represent the rising generation. Researchers who are already involved in international policy or research can also receive education mainly based on English in the International Public Policy course.

Leaning advanced intellectual technologies

In fluctuating markets, the creation of a new business model comes with the development of unique intellectual technologies. Students learn not only methodologies for data analysis in finance courses, but also skills which they use in order to take an active role in society.