International Program for Public Policy, Finance and Business

International Program for Public Policy, Finance and Business

All subjects and instructions for thesis writing are offered in English.

Public Policy Course (M.A. in Economics)
Public Finance and Fiscal Policy in Japan
Labor Economics and Japanese Labor Policy
Regional and Urban Economics and Japanese Development Policy
Business and Government Policy in Japan
Environmental Economics and Japanese Environmental Policy
Economic Policy and Policy Evaluation
Quantitative Economic Analysis of International Economic Policy

Finance Course (M.A. in Economics)
Financial Market and Banks in Japan
Financial Theory and Japanese Monetary Policy
Credit and Financial Risk
Portfolio Theory and Investment Science
Property Development
Corporate and Small Business Finance

Business Course (M.A. in Business Administration)
Management and Organization in Japan
Strategic Management of Japanese Corporation
Marketing and Japanese Corporation
Human Resource Management and Japanese Corporation
Japanese Accounting System and Financial Management
Corporate Governance and Business Ethics in Japan

Common Subjects for the above Three Courses

Basic Subjects
Essentials of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
Quantitative Economic Analysis
Research Methodology for Social Sciences

International Subjects

Global Economics / Business Administration
International Development Economics
Japanese Trade and Foreign Direct Investment
Japan and Regional Cooperation and Integration in Asia
Globalization and International Business

Japan Studies
Comparative Institutional Analysis and Economic Policy Development in Japan
Japanese Management and Business Leaders
Japanese People and Its Culture
Japan and Asia