Economics & Business

An institution for advanced education with state-of-the-art research activity

Graduate School of Economics is designed to train professionals and researchers in economics and business administration.

Doctoral program aims the training of researchers and experts able to lead advanced study in the field of economics and business administration, through the deepening of empirical research and theoretical study. Ph.D. degree will be awarded to those whom have completed the requirements for either economics or business administration.

Master program consisting of two courses, Economics course and Business Administration course, aims the training of professional practitioners and researchers able to promote leading research in the field and expected to work for institutions inside and outside Japan for public policies. Master of Economics will be awarded to those whom completed the economics course, and Master of Business Administration will be awarded to those whom completed the business administration course.

Economics course offers 3 units of curriculum for core economics, finance and financial engineering, and international public policy.
Business Administration course offers 3 units of curriculum for core business administration, tax and accounting, and business ethics.

A futuraccce-oriented research and educational institution

The Graduate School is closely related to two research entities, i.e. Reitaku Institute of Political Economics and Social Studies (RIPESS), and Business Ethics and Compliance Research Center (R-BEC). The RIPESS has been prominent in the field of financial engineering of real estate property and economic research collaboration on Asian regional cooperation. The R-BEC has been one of the best research center on corporate ethics and social responsibility in the world. Joint research projects between the two entities are often fulfilled. Graduate students who would be well motivated by their academic advisers will be systematically guided to participate in research projects of related fields at the two research institutes. Increasingly sophisticated needs of knowledge in society could be anticipated by the participation. We sincerely welcome the participation of highly motivated students.


Dean of Graduate School of Economics
Chiaki Nakano, Ph. D.

Chiaki Nakano has a MA in Commerce from Keio University, Japan, and a Ph. D in Management from the George Washington University, DC, USA. His research interests include business ethics and organizational studies. He has published a number of articles in these area, including “A survey study on Japanese managers’ views of business ethics,” Journal of Business Ethics 16 (1997), “Attempting to institutionalize ethics: Case studies from Japan,” Journal of Business Ethics 18 (1999), “The significance and limitations of corporate governance from the perspective of business ethics,” Asian Business & Management 6 (2007) and many other articles in Japanese.