Language Education

Practical Language Education with Emphasis on Theories

In the Program in English Language Education, students are trained to be international communicators with high English proficiency.

In order for students to acquire practical English and fully understand language education theory, our experts in English education, including native English speakers, do their utmost to meet each individual’s needs, opening the door for them to become English teachers and world-oriented entrepreneurs of the highest quality.


English Teachers with High Practical English Proficiency

One of the aims of this program is to train students to be English teachers who can conduct effective classes at junior high school, high school, or university, drawing on their knowledge of the latest theories/research and their practical English proficiency. In actual places of education, teachers are required to “acquire truly practical English”. Our curriculum, therefore, includes a wide range of subjects from the basics of English education to the acquisition of high practical English skills.

Becoming Researchers or Businesspeople who can Take Advantage of their Expertise
in their Specialized Field and their High English Proficiency

Students are encouraged and helped to acquire essential skills through the major subjects and thesis writing. With these skills, they will be able to play an active role as experts in such fields as English linguistics, English education, and Communication and make a valuable contribution to society.

Making the Most of our Native English Teachers

Since the main aim of our program is to learn truly practical language skills that will be useful in the real world (classroom or business), native English teachers play a very active role in helping students reach this goal. It is for the same practical reasons that we offer students the option to complete their M.A. by taking additional courses for extra credits instead of writing a thesis.