Language Education

Educate Experts that "Study" Japanese Education

The foundation of language education lies in the deepening of one's understanding of "language" and "language learning."

In the Program in Japanese Language Education, we place much emphasis on the cultivation of the ability to analyze "language" and "language learning" and the ability to examine the contents and methodologies in Japanese linguistics, both through scientific analysis.


Practical Instruction in Small Classes

Japanese language education is supported by research from a variety of fields. Teachers of Japanese are required not only to teach Japanese but also to play an important part in the research that supports Japanese language education. In this program, through practical instruction in small classes, we aim to produce experts who will be able to play a vital role in the development of Japanese language education.

Cutting-edge Research

In considering contents and methodologies in Japanese language education, it is essential to objectively grasp the characteristics of the Japanese language, while taking into consideration such points as learners’ first languages and the processes involved in the acquisition of Japanese. The Program in Japanese Language Education has distinguished faculty members who specialize in Japanese research, corpus linguistics, contrastive linguistics, and second language acquisition. This program ensures that students remain in constant contact with the forefront of Japanese research.

Collaboration with Other Majors

Teachers of Japanese need broad knowledge. The School of Language Education provides, in addition to Japanese Language Education, the Program in Comparative Civilizations and Cultures and English Language Education, which allows Japanese Language Education majors to come in contact with a wide variety of current research concerning culture and society from a global perspective.