About Reitaku

The Meaning of “Reitaku”

“Reitaku” means “clear brooks,”
with an inherent understanding that sunlight nourishes all living things.

The word “reitaku” is taken from a passage in the Chinese classic, the I Ching: “Hsiang said,’Lovely brooks are reciprocal. The noble person, likewise, studies with friends.’”

The essence of this passage is that brooks close together share water and sunlight, and the surrounding plants and trees around them grow abundantly. In the same way, a person who wishes to become an out-standing human being must improve himself with like-minded friends under the guidance of an excellent teacher, aiming to perfect his character while exerting a positive influence on other people.

The meaning of reitaku is to spread light (knowledge) and warmth (kindness) like the sun, and to nurture all things with a fair, unselfish attitude.

Regulations of Reitaku University

Reitaku University Rules (PDF) * Revised Edition

Chikuro Hiroike School of Graduate Studies Rules (PDF) * Revised Edition